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"Salon des Mandataires" logo

February 2012 : Teconex participates in the « Salon Des Mandataires ».

Teconex participates in the « Salon des Mandataires » on 9th and 10th February 2012 .
Meet'in Liège

November 2011: Teconex takes part in the Meet'in event in Liege.

Teconex will be on site at the Meet'in Fair in Liege on 29th November 2011 at Calatrava (Guillemins) station.
Logo Teco

July 2011: F&G becomes Teco.

Quality, strength and durability: Teconex renews its promises by merging its range of modular equipment with its flagship brand, Teco. Identical in quality, the new Teco range offers a stronger, more local, and more Belgian image.
Hanging Lamp LemTec

May 2011: Teconex moves into innovative LED lighting.

Teconex is an essential partner in all LED lighting projects, with an avant-garde range based on Chip-On-Board technology, for commercial or industrial use and for public lighting.
Charging station for electrical vehicules

May 2011: Teconex: green and daring!

Teconex introduces a breath of fresh air to Zolder's Clean Week 2020®. Teconex chose to use this occasion to make its new name official and to affirm its willingness to take part in tackling the major challenges that face our society, especially in the field of electrical mobility.
T symbol Teconex

April 2011: (R)evolution: Guillaume becomes Teconex.

Guillaume becomes Teconex... it's not a revolution. It's a fast, certain, clear and directed evolution which reflects a willingness to adjust our image and our services to a market in constant flux...
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