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Teconex can also provide preliminary studies prior to the installation of recharging stations for electric vehicles, and the setup and supervision of their use.

A full assessment of your project

Teconex offers a free technical and financial assessment of your situation: it will evaluate your needs and the choice of installation on your site, select the best-suited equipment and services, and calculate the impact on your electricity consumption.

Installation of your recharging stations

From the supply of equipment to putting the stations into service, including installation on the site and connection to the electricity supply, Teconex guarantees comprehensive and vigilant supervision of your installation, for its optimal and most secure utilisation.


Teconex ensures efficient maintenance and the setting up of a simple, efficient, intuitive supervision tool for your recharging stations. In particular, it allows for supervision of the stations via internet, including the geo-localisation and monitoring of the condition of the stations, and keeping track of users and alerts.