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As producer of the Téco® circuit breaker and recognised expert in electrical connection, Teconex develops a complete range of powerful, reliable recharging solutions:

Autonomous recharging solutions for private individuals

  • A range of slow recharging stations (6 to 8 hours), for residential use or use in long-term car parks.

Paying recharging stations for company and other fleets

  • Recharging stations suitable for company car parks;

  • A range of semi-fast recharging stations (1 to 4 hours) for shops, roadsides and public car parks;

Specific recharging solutions

  • Flexible and personalised solutionsfor home use, public car parks, hotels, associations, and public authorities;

  • Unlimited possibilities for inter-connection;

  • Functions to restrict or control access;

  • Designer stations, to fit in with your environment or your imagination...

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