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Our values

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Teconex has been a leading player in the Belgian low voltage electrical connection market for more than 60 years, and is the favourite partner of more than 500 wholesalers, grid operators, and large companies across Europe.    

This success leans on four fundamental values:


Reliability: Teconex offers superior quality products, uses a fast, efficient delivery system, and gives excellent client service;


Flexibility: Teconex provides solutions which are specific and adapted to the needs of each client;


Proximity: Teconex builds strong, durable and personalised relationships with all its clients;


Approachability: a human-sized company, Teconex maintains just the right balance between the interests of its clients, its suppliers, its employees, and its shareholders.


Patrick Slechten, CEO: "As well as these fundamental values, which are widely appreciated by our clients, we are keen to maintain a strong sense of ethics. We are convinced that the strict observance of these values, combined with the reinforcement of our famous Teco® brand and of our role as a manufacturer, will allow us to continue growing alongside our clients, for whom we aim to be the preferred partner."


Teconex. We channel energy.