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The obvious alternative to heat engine vehicles, the electric car offers a solution to the numerous challenges we face in protecting the environment, providing urban transport and ensuring sustainable economic development.

As a leading actor in a major growth market, Teconex wants to play its part in tackling the major challenges facing our society. And to continue developing a network of electric vehicle recharging stations which is simultaneously simple and reliable, intelligent and powerful, all-purpose and inter-connectable.

Teconex. The future is green.

EG Collignon is installing a Teco charging station for electric vehicles in the company car park at Gozée

Enabling drivers of electric vehicles to recharge for free, this charging station will be ...

Teconex receives the Euro Deputy Ms. Anne Delvaux and the 1st Deputu mayor of the City of Liège, Mr. Michel Firket.

On 12th October, Teconex received the Euro Deputy, Ms. Anne Delvaux and the 1st Deputy ma...