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Who are we?

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Producer of the well-known Teco® circuit breaker, Teconex (formerly Ets. Guillaume S.A.) manufactures, imports and distributes more than 7,000 standard products and custom-built technical solutions for low voltage electrical connections.

Teconex is a human-sized Belgian company with an international outlook.

Teconex has been recognised for its expertise in electrical connections since 1951 and is a certified supplier to all the major Belgian Grid Operators (Eandis, Ores, Sibelga, Resa, Infrax) and partner of more than 500 wholesalers and Industrial Companies. In 2011 Teconex has launched new applications in the fields of avant-garde LED lighting and recharging stations for electric vehicles.

This is a logical, dynamic and bold progression that relies on the technical expertise of staff who are motivated, committed, and always keen to meet their clients' needs.

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